Euthanasia and after-life services

It can be very hard to know when its the right time to say goodbye to your beloved pet - when its time to end their pain and suffering.  Although this is a very personal decision, this is not a decision you need to make on your own.  We are here to help you and support you through this difficult time. 

We can provide you with advice on your pet's condition, palliative care options and what you need to consider. This will help you understand more about what is happening and give you more confidence when making decisions.  We will support you, so you can ensure your pet will have the peaceful goodbye they deserve when the time is right.

We offer our euthanasia service either in the clinic or at your home. 

How do I know when its the right time?

There are a few things you can consider to help you with your decision. Ask yourself these questions

  • Are they still able to enjoy the things they like doing?
  • Are they having more bad than good days?
  • Can they go to the toilet themselves, do they soil their bed?
  • Are they in pain?
  • Have they lost their appetite?
  • Do they seem depressed or anxious, not themselves?
  • Do they find it difficult to get up?
  • Do they seem comfortable?

You can discuss all of this with us and we can help you understand your pet's quality of life and the options.